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Sendoso Campfire Delights

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Shipping within the US ranges from $40-$70 per shipment.
Shipping within Canada shipping ranges from $40-75 per shipment.

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Minimum Number of shipments: 10
Shipping Details: Prices are based on shipping destination and may be more or less depending on the experience. Prices are confirmed when booking the experience.
Host Fee: $250
Lead Time: 14 days from payment and receipt of shipping locations. Inquire for rush options.

Looking for a warm Summer night addition to your usual routine? We've got you covered! Get into the spirit of camping, campfires, and more with our Campfire Delights experience! Enjoy some fun campfire games while sipping on a s'mores mule that will be paired with some tasty s'mores kits. A perfect combo for the entire family. This package would include all of the items to make your s'mores as well as ingredients for a cocktail that would serve two people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a virtual experience cost?

Prices vary, but they generally start at $70/shipment and can go upward of $500/shipment. This estimated price incorporates the materials, domestic (ground) shipping, and hosting fees. Expedited & global shipping options may incur additional fees.

What is the recommended lead time for a virtual tasting?

We recommend 2 weeks lead time from the day of payment and delivery of shipping information. If you need something quicker we can arrange for expedited shipping or recommend other options that might be available.

How does shipping work?

You will need to provide us with a list of all the shipping addresses. If you would like help with this we can put together a google form and send it to your participants on your behalf.

Where can you ship your virtual experiences to?

We can ship and/or make arrangements for participants in the US, Canada, Europe, and other global regions. Let us know where you your participants are and we can help with some solutions.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and non-drinkers?

Yes! We have a variety of Mocktail and food kits that we can ship out. We can also curate custom packages to accommodate participants with special requests.

What platform do you use to host your virtual tastings?

We use Zoom for all our tastings. If you are at an organization that prefers a different platform you're more than welcome to set up a meeting link that our virtual tasting hosts can jump on.