How do I get more meetings with prospects?

How to get more meetings with prospects

A general rule of thumb in sales is that the more meetings you get with qualified prospects, the more sales you’re likely to close. 

However, it can be difficult to actually land meetings with busy professionals, no matter how much they may need your products. So, what can you do to get more meetings with prospects and, ultimately, close more deals?

Virtual experiences with kits are a great way to attract high-end prospects to attend meetings with you and the rest of your sales team. Below you’ll find some ideas for how to use virtual experiences as part of your prospecting process.

Seven Ways To Get More Meetings with High-End Prospects

1. Incorporate virtual experiences into presentations

Incorporating virtual experiences into your existing sales presentations is one of the best ways to increase virtual event registration and attendance.

Try incentivizing prospects to register for your virtual events, such as webinars and training sessions, by sending anyone who signs up for them a virtual experience kit. 

These kits include everything you and your guests need for a one-of-a-kind virtual tasting and an engaging, hands-on experience.

Consider opening a presentation with the virtual experience to break the ice, or close with it to give your audience something to look forward to and hold their attention better during the whole presentation.

Examples of virtual experiences to share with prospects:

2. Raffle prizes during virtual experiences

Holding a raffle during virtual prospecting events is a great way to make them even more fun and keep your audience engaged. Plus, having both a virtual experience and a raffle integrated into your events is an even better incentive for people to sign up for them and actually attend.

Raffles are easy and affordable to do — just give everyone who attends the meeting an entry into the raffle for showing up and draw a winner at the end to keep them there the whole time. You can even quiz them on important items from your presentation.

It’s totally up to you what type of prize to give out, but you could consider raffling something related to the virtual experience or something related to your product and services.

For example, if it’s a virtual wine tasting, you could raffle a bottle of one of the wines you sampled. Or, you might award the winner of the raffles with a corporate gift basket or another virtual experience that they can enjoy on their own time.

3. Follow up with prospects (focus on relationship building)

First meetings with prospects don’t always result in sales right away, which is why follow up and relationship building are so important.

Consider sending high-value prospects virtual experiences or corporate gift baskets along with a thank you note after your meetings to thank them for their time and set yourself apart from the competition.

Then, keep lines of communication with prospects open and check in with them regularly to keep building those relationships. 

Connecting via less formal communication channels, such as LinkedIn, is a good way to build prospects’ confidence in you and provide them value by sharing content or free resources.

Lastly, make sure to invite all the prospects you’re following up with to upcoming virtual events and experiences. 

4. Invite prospects you meet at trade shows to learn more after the trade show

If you meet leads at a trade show, get their contact info and invite them and their teams to learn more about your products via webinars or online training sessions.

Don’t forget to mention how fun your online events are because of the virtual experiences they include! This will help ensure that interested prospects actually show up and engage with your learning events.

5. Hold training sessions on smaller products for new prospects and upsell them

Prospects are more likely to commit to a virtual training for something small and not too expensive, so these types of events are a great place to start with new prospects.

Remember to incentivize prospects to register for training sessions on smaller products by including virtual experiences as part of the presentations. Then, during the sessions, upsell them on bigger products that you think would benefit them.

When people express interest in learning more about these larger products, invite them to follow up sessions and meetings (accompanied by virtual experiences, of course).

6. Host a private event for top prospects

People like being invited to and attending exclusive events. So, consider holding events that are private for your top prospects and their teams.

These could be educational events, like the training sessions we mentioned above, or purely for entertainment value. 

For instance, you might invite your most high-end prospects to exclusive wine tasting experiences just to get to know them better and work on building better relationships before you pitch them.

7. Create an easy-to-customize invitation template

No matter what type of meetings you’re inviting prospects to, it’s important to send each of them a personalized invitation.

To make this easier, start by creating an invitation template that’s easy to customize. This should include placeholders for personal details that you can change on each invitation, such as your prospects’ names and companies.

You should also include information about the virtual experiences in your virtual event invitation template to get prospects excited about attending!

In Conclusion

Prospecting is one of the most vital — and most difficult — parts of the sales process, which is why you need all the tools you can get your hands on to land more meetings with prospects.

While it’s important to diversify your prospecting process and try different strategies to get meetings with potential clients, virtual experiences are one of the best tools you have access to when it comes to increasing meeting attendance from prospects.

Not only that, but you and your company are sure to grow a reputation for holding the most fun events, which can earn you some word of mouth referrals and improve your inbound prospecting.

At Priority Experiences, our team can help you design highly-customizable virtual experiences that will leave a lasting impression on prospects. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation!

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