Terms of Service

As a company our goal is to provide the best experience for our customers. While we take pride in all of our recommendations, we hold back on making hard promises. Unfortunately there are many external factors that are out of our hands. I.E. power outages, extreme weather conditions, national emergencies, or any other unforeseen calamity that could disrupt our normal run of show. While these events are uncommon, we want to let you know that they could happen. And even though we do our best to adapt, reschedule, and/or find other solutions, we don't make any guarantees. So that being said, we’ve included our full terms and conditions below. Our hope is to provide more transparency into our practices and to safeguard our small business.


By submitting a request and/or employing the services Priority Experiences and its employees You understand that Priority Experiences and its parent company Priority Wine Pass assume no responsibility or liability for delays, compromises, changes to shipment contents, cancellations, lost or stolen packages, and/or any other inconveniences related to shipments and/or the associated virtual experiences, corporate gifts or shipments. Priority Experiences also does not make any guarantees for delivery dates for any virtual event. In the event that your experience and/or shipments are fulfilled by a third party we encourage you to review and abide by any additional terms they provide.


Priority Experiences Shipments or Shipments, as referred to in these Terms, are any corporate gifts, shipments, virtual experience packages, add-ons, or anything sent to you or your participants that are invoiced directly by Priority Wine Pass. Shipments DO NOT include shipments or packages billed by 3rd parties such as virtual experiences fulfilled by external suppliers, and/or vendors. In the event that you elect an experience or shipment that is billed by a 3rd party, we encourage you to work directly with the provider to coordinate a solution to any issues that may arise.

Shipment Payment

Payment for Shipments (Payment) must be completed 7 business days prior to the Ship Date. Ship Date refers to the agreed upon date in which Shipments are sent to the shipping provider. If the Shipment includes customized contents or any special requests, Payment is required 10 days prior to the Ship Date. If Payment is not received within those time frames, additional expedited shipping fees may be required for each Shipment.
Arrival Date is the date in which Shipments are expected to arrive at the recipient’s address. While the Arrival Date is generally 7-14 days after the Ship Date, Priority Experiences provides no guarantee for any Arrival Date and assumes no responsibility for unexpected delays. In all scenarios the Arrival Date is an estimation provided by the shipping provider and it is always measured in relation to the Ship Date.


All Shipments are sent via FedEx, UPS, or USPS (ground or express). Priority Experiences will provide tracking info and deliver it to any recipient whose email is provided. This tracking info will be provided 24 hours after the Ship Date. Delivery times, delivery estimates, and delivery dates provided are estimates and are not guaranteed. Priority Experiences is not responsible for carrier delays in transit caused by high volume, weather, mechanical error, local carrier mis-scans or inaccurate shipping information. Priority Experiences does not require a signature for the delivery of food packages and in all scenarios abides by any local or state laws in regards to delivery. The option to leave a package at an address is done by the discretion of the individual delivery person and is therefore entirely outside the control of Priority Experiences.
Customers must confirm that all shipping information is accurate before submitting Payment. If an address needs to be modified while the Shipment is in transit, a $30 address change processing fee (per package) will apply. Once an address modification is requested, most carriers require one business day to process the change, which may delay the Shipment. As with all shipping delays Priority Experiences is not responsible for any delays in transit caused by address modifications.
Shipments that are returned because of address issues and/or because there is not anyone present to sign/receive may incur additional charges to reship.

Shipment Delivery & Damages

Priority Experiences is not responsible for packages that are late, damaged or reported lost or stolen. In such a scenario, we will refer you directly to the shipping provider’s policies in order to find a resolution.

Shipment Cancellations, Modifications & Refunds

Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to the Ship Date. All sales beyond that timeframe are final. Canceling or adding individual Shipments to your order, or modifying shipping information may not be possible due to our partners production timelines. If your Payment is placed within the 14 days of the Ship Date, your sale is final, and will not be refunded. Requests to modify your order must be submitted 7 days prior to the Ship Date. The ability to add or modify a Shipment is not guaranteed since it may not be possible due to our vendor’s or our own production timelines. Expedited shipping and other solutions may be possible but are not guaranteed.

Interstate Shipping

All Shipments are sold in California and the title passes to the buyer in California. By placing an order, you authorize Priority Experiences to engage a common carrier on your behalf to deliver the Shipment to your specified address(es). Priority Experiences makes no representation as to the legal right of anyone to ship or import wines into any state or country outside of California. When selecting to ship to another state, you assume all responsibility for determining whether you may lawfully import alcoholic beverages into that state. As interstate shipping laws are continually changing, please check with an appropriate agency before placing your order.

Gift Certificates

Within these terms Gift Certificates refers to any PDF and/or similar document issued directly by Priority Experiences or Priority Wine Pass that clearly states “Gift Certificate” and contains a clearly labeled “Reference Number”. This DOES NOT include wine pass gift cards, coupons, or any other similar instruments issued by Priority Wine Pass or any of its 3rd party suppliers.
Gift certificates may be used towards any item on Prioritywinepass.com or Priorityexperiences.com (our Sites) so long as the recipient adheres to any local governing laws and regulations regarding the gift certificate and/or items being redeemed. Please treat all our Gift Certificates as cash as Priority Experiences assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen Gift Certificates. In the event that a Gift Certificate is lost or stolen, please contact hello@prioritywinepass.com with the reference number and email address used at time of purchase. Gift Certificates do not expire and any dollar amount remaining after redeeming may be applied to additional products or services on our Sites. You may check your remaining value by emailing hello@prioritywinepass.com
Gift Certificates DO NOT guarantee redemption for any specific product or virtual experience and must adhere to the availability, minimums, shipping restrictions and other policies laid forth by Priority Experiences and/or our providers.

Priority Experiences

For all legal purposes the Priority Experiences and Priority Wine Pass names are inextricably linked and may be used interchangeably. The full terms and conditions governing priorityexperiences.com can be found at prioritywinepass.com/terms.