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If you've made it here, lucky you :)

Depending on what shipment you have in your hands you may have an upcoming virtual experience coming up. Don't know what this is for? Wondering who this is from? Feel free to email us at and we can help you get to the bottom of this (pleasant) mystery. Otherwise keep scrolling below to learn more about how to prepare for your event.

Be Prepared!

How to prepare for your event

For all packages make sure you:

• Review the package contents to ensure everything arrived in good condition. Email us at for help with anything.

• Hang onto all items until your upcoming event (if there is one scheduled).

• Store items in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

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if your kit contains


With wine, make sure you have a different glass for each type of wine. It doesn’t matter if they don’t match as long as you’re not pouring one type of wine over another during your tasting! We recommend having some water, plain bread, or crackers on hand to clear your palate. If your tasting doesn’t come with a food pairing feel free to BYOS (bring your own snacks). This can be cheese, nuts, or other light bites to snack on during your tasting. MOST IMPORTANT!! Don’t forget to chill your wine! With white wines, place your wine in the fridge 3 hours before your tasting. For reds, you should aim to put them in the fridge about 2.5 hours before your tasting. For red wines we also recommend opening any bottles you plan to taste about 30 minutes prior to the event to let them breathe. Lastly if your wine is corked, have a corkscrew ready!


For your tasting make sure you have a different glass for each type of beer. It doesn’t matter if they don’t match as long as you’re not pouring one over the other during your tasting! Feel free to have some water or snacks on hand. If your tasting doesn’t come with a food pairing feel free to bring your own to snack on during the tasting. Nobody likes warm beer! Make sure you stick your samples in the fridge before your tasting.

Spirits - Whiskey, Tequila, Etc.

We recommend you have a glass of water with you and snacks. Also, have some ice. To up your ice game we recommend you boil or filter your water first. You can also use distilled water as well.

Mixed Drinks - Cocktails & Mocktails

Glassware is key! Read through the recipe and think about how you’d like it served. A cold drink for example can be taken to the next level by popping your glassware in the freezer an hour or so before your event. Likewise you might be able to enjoy your hot beverage even longer by tracking down an insulated mug beforehand. Also make sure you have the right tools some of these include:

• A bar spoon

• A shaker or separate tall glass for mixing

• ice to cool things down

• A small plate for adding sugar/salt to the rim

• A jigger or shot glass for measuring

• A bowl for disgarded items

• A small towel or paper towels for clean up

If your shipment includes a lime consider bringing:

• a knife/cutting board

• a lime juicer

• a strainer

If your shipment is different from the majority of participants in the virtual experience that’s ok! Many times, we select our options so they relate with the flavor profiles or experience in some way. We encourage you to be active, ask questions, and communicate with the host of your experience. They are just as curious and eager to incorporate you and your kit into the overall experience.

Food - Cheese, Chocolate & Editable items

Review the contents of your package. If your shipment arrived in an insulated package we recommend you store the contents in your fridge.

Cheese: Our cheeses are typically shelf stable for 7 days; however we recommend you put them in the fridge to keep them as fresh as possible and take them out 30 min before the event.

Chocolate: please store them away from any strong-smelling foods as they tend to absorb flavors.

If you are in doubt about anything please email us at

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