Elevating FireMon's ABM Strategy with Priority Experiences and Postal

Elevating FireMon's ABM Strategy with Priority Experiences and Postal


32 Sourced Opportunities

32 sourced opportunities with $2.2 million in potential revenue.


19 Ongoing Opportunities

19 of those opportunities are still being worked in 2024 with $1.5 million revenue attached.


85 Influenced Opportunities

85 influenced opportunities with $5 million in revenue.


12 Closed Opportunities

12 of those 85 influenced opportunities closed for $500K.

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FireMon, a leading network security management company, partnered with Priority Experiences and Postal to enhance their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy through virtual events. This collaboration increased prospecting efficiency, deal acceleration, and customer retention.


FireMon needed a scalable solution to manage ABM efforts across multiple teams, aiming to build volume and work effectively with over 15 teams while maintaining a high level of professionalism and customization in their outreach.


By integrating Priority Experiences' event curation and fulfillment services with Postal, FireMon hosted over 35 virtual events across North America. These events led to sourcing over 30 opportunities, generating more than $2 million in open opportunity revenue, with 19 opportunities still being actively pursued. The virtual events influenced 85 opportunities, resulting in over $5 million in influenced revenue and closing over $500,000 in deals directly following these events.

FireMon's events included popular themes like March Madness and Mixology sessions, resonating well with different industry verticals. The ease of setting up and customizing events made this strategy highly successful across FireMon's sales teams.


"The biggest kind of use case and solution we used it for was prospecting and net retention. It lets you touch a lot of different regions at the same time, and people feel more comfortable. It was really fun because you get to know the people personally when they show up."


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