Enhancing Annuity Sales through Curated Virtual Events

Our collaboration with Jamie and her team has been nothing short of spectacular. The curated virtual experiences were not only enjoyable but also highly effective in promoting our products and engaging our financial professionals. The professionalism and dedication of Jamie and her team ensured the success of our events and yielded a phenomenal ROI. We look forward to continuing this partnership and exploring new opportunities together.

Jill Ryan - Director, Channel Marketing - Prudential Financial

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Prudential, a leading financial services firm specializing in annuity products, sought to transition from traditional face-to-face interactions to innovative virtual experiences. By collaborating with Jamie and her team, Prudential successfully engaged financial professionals through curated virtual events, driving new sales and strengthening client relationships.


Prudential needed a new way to engage financial professionals due to the limitations of face-to-face interactions. They aimed to host virtual events that could provide both entertainment and a platform to present their annuity products effectively.


The collaboration with Jamie and her team led to the organization of various virtual experiences, including Super Bowl-themed events, beer tastings, cocktail making, and chef-led cooking sessions. Each event began with a presentation about Prudential's products, followed by an interactive experience. The events received outstanding feedback, with over 230 financial professionals participating in a single Super Bowl-themed event, resulting in over $15 million in new sales. The success of these events also led to increased interest from Prudential's wholesalers, further enhancing client relationships and driving substantial new sales.

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