Enhancing Reputation through Virtual Events

Enhancing Reputation through Virtual Events


Accelerated Opportunities

Helped accelerate $2.5 million in new co and upsell open opportunities towards closure.


Influenced Opportunities

Achieved $2.1 million in newly opened opportunities within 30 days of attending an event.


Accelerated Renewal Opps

Accelerated $22.8 million in renewal opportunities.


Influenced Renewal Opps

Influenced $11.7 million in renewal opportunities within 30 days of attending an event.


Direct Renewal Opportunities

$2.3 million in direct renewals after attending an event.

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Reputation, a global leader in customer marketing, partnered with Priority Experiences and Sendoso to enhance their customer engagement strategy. By leveraging curated virtual events, Reputation successfully connected with their customers and prospects, driving significant results and fostering strong relationships.


Reputation needed to find innovative ways to connect with their customers and prospects during a time when in-person gatherings were not feasible. The goal was to maintain a high level of customer experience and engagement through virtual events that could be enjoyed from the comfort of their customers' homes.


Over the course of 2023, Reputation hosted nine different virtual events, combining both new customer acquisition and upsell opportunities with existing customer engagements. These events included popular themes such as seasonal celebrations, Oktoberfest, and unique pairings like wine and potato chips.

The strategy yielded impressive results, with accelerated opportunities and increased renewal rates. One standout event was the "Bring Your Own Boss" initiative, which helped develop stronger relationships at higher organizational levels. The average event attracted about 60 RSVPs, with a two-thirds attendance rate, thanks to effective reminder communications.

Reputation's events varied in popularity across different industry verticals, with automotive clients favoring bourbon tastings and other verticals enjoying diverse experiences like cheese pairings and barbecue sauce making.

"At Reputation, we've been customers of both Priority Experiences and Sendoso for over two years now. What drew us to these incredible brands is their ability to help us build connections with our customers and meet them where they are. Even though we can't always gather in person, we're finding that a lot of our customers and prospects enjoy having a great experience in the comfort of their own home."

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