Collection: Davies Vineyards

The winemaking team of Davies Vineyards strives to find the depth and character in every wine they craft, producing an unmatched level of quality and style in each bottling. Following the vision of Jamie Davies, who spirited the first bottling of the first J. Davies Estate Cabernet Sauvignon in 2001, each year Davies Vineyards sets out to craft wines that are supple enough to be enjoyed upon release, while being robust and structured enough to age gracefully over time. With the ultimate intent being to allow each vineyard to express its individual natural character, the site selections and picking decisions are based on the taste and structure of the fruit on the vine. Because the winemakers utilize more than 10 different vineyard sites across four of California’s appellations, each year brings new opportunities to craft delicious wines while adapting to the annual changes the environment delivers. With ever-advancing technological improvements, and a constant curiosity to find better techniques in the winery, the team is able to fold the new knowledge into a timeless practice of crafting consistent and layered red wines. Since that first harvest in 2001, Davies Vineyards has never strayed from the founding principles that were instilled by Jamie and continues to develop delicious wines that show an intimate knowledge of a place.

Davies Vineyards

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