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Mocktail or Cocktail Kit from Napa Valley

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What's Included: Includes the Kit and domestic shipping in the continental US.
Lead Time: 14 days from payment and receipt of shipping locations. Inquire for rush options.

Enjoy some handcrafted beverages including artisan ingredients harvested and produced locally at Hurley Farms in Napa Valley. This can either be sent as a non-alcoholic "mocktail" kit for non-drinkers or as a fully charged cocktails.

The "shrubs" in this kit use a colonial era technique to create a delicious mix that delivers a sweet and tangy punch to each beverage. Whether it is enjoyed with or without alcohol, these cocktails will leave everyone smiling.

The Non-Alcoholic Mocktail kit includes:

(Ingredients for 2 servings)

  • 2 200ml bottles of shrub
  • 4 honey sticks
  • 2 agave sticks
  • 4 cans soda water
  • Dried fruits (seasonal oranges lemon strawberry or grapefruits)

The Spiked Cocktail kit includes everything in the Mocktail kit plus 2 100ml mini vodka bottles. The vodka is a Ukrainian brand that is incredibly smooth and works wonders with the shrubs. SIDE NOTE: this vodka has actually beat out top name brands in our blind taste tests. When we added it to the mocktails we were so blown away that we decided to offer it as a standard product option.

*PLEASE NOTE: Since we source seasonal local products, some ingredients may differ slightly from what's shown in the images and description. Please contact our team to get more details about this kit.

This is a shipment-only option

That means the listed price doesn't include a private hosted event. You can either send it as a stand-alone package or add it as a pairing option to one of our other virtual experiences. Like all our shipments we can customize this to fit your needs. We can also account for any dietary restrictions (non-alcoholic, gluten-free, vegan, etc.). A quick heads up! The ingredients in our shipments are often seasonal so the exact contents may change slightly based on availability.