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Sunshine Ranch Winery

Napa Valley Lobster and Wine in the Vineyard

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Experience a delightful day of wines, music, and lobster at one of our favorite winery partners. You will be mesmerized by the endless rows of vines as you pull into our partner wineries property. Your group will be greeted with a glass of wine (pick from up to 3 different options) and the opportunity to explore the estate with a self guided tour. Thirty to forty five minutes after arriving lunch will be served. Our chefs will have been preparing live lobsters with fresh ingredients for the entire group to enjoy. Each person will have the option to tie on a bib (or not) and sit down to a table abundant with lobster (approx 1.25lbs per person), shrimp, sausage, artichokes, corn, potatoes, bread rolls, and more. Throughout the lunch people can continue enjoying amazing wines and the chef's favorite playlist. This experience ranges from 2-2.5 hours and is one of the most enjoyed Napa Valley lunches. Also, for those with food restrictions we can special cater meals that are vegetarian, or for those with shellfish allergies. Prices range from $175pp and up depending on number of guests and selection of wines

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