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Kollar Chocolates

Sensory Virtual Chocolate Tasting

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Minimum Number of shipments: 10
What's Included: Includes the premium virtual chocolate tasting kit, guided virtual tasting, and shipping
Shipping Details: Cold Shipping charges maybe required during the warmer months
Lead Time: 14 days from payment and receipt of shipping locations. Inquire for rush options.
  • Kollar Chocolate Tasting Kit shipped out to each participant including:
  • 5 different chocolate percentages
  • plus cacao nib and cocoa butter
  • selection of Kollar Chocolates truffles 9-pc box of Kollar Chocolates signature truffles
  • Paint your own chocolate ‘cacao pod’ and cocoa butter painting set Tasting Kit description card
  • Custom note printed to your team with your logo included in the kits
  • Shipping cost/cold-pack materials for pre-seeding the kit

Through a LIVE virtual session, Chef Chris Kollar, Chocolatier & Owner, will guide guests through a sensory chocolate journey to taste, appraise, and appreciate the art and complexity of chocolate and discover how his hand-crafted confections are made.

Prior to the tasting, guests will be mailed a curated chocolate tasting kit. During the experience, Chef Kollar will guide guests in tasting the various notes, textures, flavor profiles and chocolate percentages, while sampling a selection of Kollar Chocolates signature creations, including truffles with wildly imaginative flavors. Chef Kollar will impart chocolate knowledge around chocolate origins and the production process through his extensive travels to the most refined chocolate making epicenters in France, Switzerland, Italy, as well immersions inside native cacao plantations in Ecuador.

Lastly, guests will get hands-on to design and paint their own chocolate ‘cacao pod’ with a cocoa butter painting set and savor a selection of Kollar Chocolates signature truffles to share with friends and family at home.

About the host: Kollar Chocolates Kollar Chocolates

Kollar Chocolates is an award-winning artisan chocolate shop in the heart of the Napa Valley with the mission to elevate chocolate into a sensory experience. Founded in 2011 by Chris Kollar, Owner & Chocolatier, Kollar Chocolates blends classic European chocolate traditions with modern artistry and techniques to produce innovative handcrafted confections described as "edible works of art." Kollar Chocolates truffles use the finest, ethically sourced cocoa and are influenced by local and seasonal ingredients, aesthetically designed to reflect each flavor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a virtual experience cost?

Prices vary, but they generally start at $70/shipment and can go upward of $500/shipment. This estimated price incorporates the materials, domestic (ground) shipping, and hosting fees. Expedited & global shipping options may incur additional fees.

What is the recommended lead time for a virtual tasting?

We recommend 2 weeks lead time from the day of payment and delivery of shipping information. If you need something quicker we can arrange for expedited shipping or recommend other options that might be available.

How does shipping work?

You will need to provide us with a list of all the shipping addresses. If you would like help with this we can put together a google form and send it to your participants on your behalf.

Where can you ship your virtual experiences to?

We can ship and/or make arrangements for participants in the US, Canada, Europe, and other global regions. Let us know where you your participants are and we can help with some solutions.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and non-drinkers?

Yes! We have a variety of Mocktail and food kits that we can ship out. We can also curate custom packages to accommodate participants with special requests.

What platform do you use to host your virtual tastings?

We use Zoom for all our tastings. If you are at an organization that prefers a different platform you're more than welcome to set up a meeting link that our virtual tasting hosts can jump on.