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John Anthony Truchard is a second-generation vintner whose heritage is rooted in the Napa Valley. First and foremost, he is a farmer. Each of his terroir-driven wines tells the story of his history in Napa. John learned traditional winegrowing, the art of growing grapes to produce wine, from his father and other pioneering Napa Valley vintners. He worked alongside them from a very early age. As a young man, John put his passion and experience to work by starting his own vineyard management business. He sought small and previously undiscovered parcels of choice land throughout the Napa Valley to practice his terroir-driven style of viticulture. In the late 1990s, John began planting his own vineyards. The John Anthony Vineyards portfolio presents a diverse range of American Viticultural Areas, single-vineyard sites, noble varietals, and exceptional library vintages.

John Anthony

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