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Have fun making great cocktails from the comfort of your home! Learn the basics of building cocktails Have you ever wanted to learn to create bar quality craft cocktails without the years of training? Step by Step instruction A trained and qualified bartender will walk you and your group through the process of craft cocktail making. What We Offer: Zoom Call Hosting Join your group virtually on a zoom conference led by your bartender. We will design a custom menu in advance and send out a list of required ingredients. Custom Menu Kits If you prefer to have everything delivered to your door, your bartender can put together all the ingredients you will need for your custom event and mail them out to the participants in your group. (Perfect for corporate events) Fully Customizable Whether you would like an informal social distancing get together to celebrate a birthday, or a corporate team building event, we can put together the perfect experience.

Mixologist Chris Norkus

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