Something for Everyone: 3 Tasty Virtual Experiences for Non-Drinkers

Something for Everyone: 3 Tasty Virtual Experiences for Non-Drinkers

Alcohol has long been a staple at marketing events, both virtual and in-person. It's no secret that libations often flow freely, setting the stage for networking and socializing. 

However, as our understanding of inclusivity and diverse backgrounds and preferences expands, it's become crucial for companies to acknowledge the non-drinking demographic. 

This is especially true in the realm of virtual tasting experiences, where participants in virtual events are limited to what’s in the tasting kit you send them ahead of time. 

In order to cater to all tastes and preferences, companies should provide non-alcoholic virtual tasting options to those who prefer them.

In this article, we’ll explore three delightful virtual experiences that are perfect for non-drinkers, demonstrating that there's truly something for everyone when it comes to virtual tastings!

1. Crafting the Perfect Mocktail

Non-alcoholic mocktail option


One of the most appealing aspects of virtual events is their adaptability — you can transform any space into a hub of creativity and learning.

Crafting the perfect mocktail is an excellent way to involve non-drinkers in a virtual tasting experience. This experience appeals to both their taste buds and their desire for interactive engagement!

Setting the Scene

Host an event where participants receive a box of ingredients before the virtual gathering. This box should include a variety of fresh fruits, herbs, spices, and non-alcoholic mixers. Each participant also receives a cocktail shaker, a muddler, and a recipe booklet. 

If there are drinkers and non-drinkers taking part in the same event, you can send similar versions of the same kit to everyone, with spirits included for those who want to drink and strictly non-alcoholic ingredients for those who prefer not to.

The Experience

During the virtual event, an experienced mixologist guides participants through the art of crafting the perfect mocktail. They'll demonstrate techniques like muddling, shaking, and garnishing, while sharing the history and stories behind the drinks. 

Participants can ask questions, share their creations, and even compete in a mocktail-making contest, where the person with the best-looking mocktail wins some sort of prize.

Why It Works

This experience fosters engagement, creativity, and inclusivity. It allows non-drinkers to enjoy the art of mixology without the alcohol, and everyone can bond over their concoctions. Plus, it's a great way to learn new skills that can be used for years to come!

2. Virtual Tea Tasting Journey

Virtual Tea Tasting


For those who prefer a gentler, more soothing experience, a virtual tea tasting journey offers a delightful alternative. Tea is a versatile beverage with a rich history and diverse flavors that cater to a wide range of palates.

Setting the Scene

Participants receive a curated tea selection in advance. This assortment should include a variety of teas, from classic black and green teas to herbal and exotic blends. 

Each package also contains detailed information about the teas, including brewing instructions and flavor profiles. Participants are encouraged to have their favorite teacup or teapot ready.

The Experience

A knowledgeable tea sommelier or enthusiast guides participants through a virtual journey of taste and aroma. They discuss the origins of each tea, its unique qualities, and the art of proper tea preparation. 

Participants can taste along, ask questions, and share their thoughts on the flavors and aromas they encounter.

Why It Works

A virtual tea tasting journey is inclusive and appeals to a wide audience. Tea offers a diverse range of flavors, and participants can customize their tasting experience to suit their preferences. 

This experience not only introduces non-drinkers to the world of fine teas, but also encourages mindfulness and relaxation.

3. Coffee and Chocolate Pairing Extravaganza

Virtual Chocolate & Coffee Tasting


For those who crave an indulgent and sensory-rich experience, a virtual coffee and chocolate pairing event offers a delightful alternative. Coffee and chocolate are beloved by many, and exploring their intricate flavors and pairings can be a thrilling journey.

Setting the Scene

Participants receive a package that includes a selection of high-quality coffees and artisanal chocolates. The package should also include tasting notes and pairing recommendations. 

Participants are encouraged to have their favorite coffee mugs and a cozy ambiance ready for the event.

The Experience

During the virtual event, a knowledgeable coffee and chocolate expert guides participants through the intricacies of pairing these two delectable treats. 

They discuss the origin and roasting profiles of the coffees, the cacao percentages and flavor profiles of the chocolates, and how these elements interact to create harmonious pairings. 

Participants can taste along, ask questions, and engage in lively discussions about their favorite pairings.

Why It Works

A coffee and chocolate pairing extravaganza is a sensory delight that appeals to a wide range of participants. Coffee and chocolate offer complex flavors that can be appreciated by non-drinkers and enthusiasts alike. 

In addition to introducing participants to the world of gourmet coffee and chocolate, this experience also provides an opportunity for them to savor and appreciate the art of pairing.

Final Thoughts

Inclusivity and diversity are important components of doing business in the modern world, and you certainly don’t want to alienate members of your target audience because they don’t drink alcohol.

So, for companies considering implementing virtual tastings to get more registration for virtual events or to boost inbound lead generation, it's crucial to offer virtual tasting experiences that cater to non-drinkers. 

Crafting the perfect mocktail, embarking on a virtual tea tasting journey, or diving into an extravagant adventure through coffee and chocolate pairings are just a few examples of engaging and inclusive options. 

These experiences not only respect the preferences of non-drinkers, but also create opportunities for connection, learning, and enjoyment for all participants. 

Non-alcoholic virtual experiences can also help you win internal support for including virtual tastings in your sales strategy, especially if your higher-ups are hesitant about offering alcohol-oriented experiences to potential or existing clients.

So, when planning your next virtual event, remember that there's something for everyone, and inclusivity is the key to a successful and memorable virtual gathering! 

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