Collection: Melissa Di Giovanna

Melissa Di Giovanna is an experienced sommelier and wine industry professional.  Driven by her passion for wine and the service industry she takes pride in her role at Di Giovanna Winery in Sambuca di Sicilia, as a sales & marketing director for over 10 years.

Melissa’s passion for the wine industry can be traced back to her early years in New York, where he/she spent significant time working as a sommelier in restaurants and later in wine distribution as a Sales Representative & Sales Manager for an international portfolio of wines.  She gained knowledge and experience, from extensive travels to many of the world’s wine-making regions to develop and manage wine portfolios and producer relations.


Melissa has worked in the wine industry for over 18 years, gaining experience in wine distribution, sales, and marketing. As a seasoned sales & marketing manager, she is passionate about advancing Italian wine knowledge and culture. Outside of the office, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family, reading, running, and traveling.

Melissa Di Giovanna

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