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Top-Shelf Tequila Treasures

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Minimum: You must order 5+ kits
What's Included: Includes the five (1 oz.) Tequila samples bottles, the guided virtual tasting, and shipping.
Lead Time: 14 days from payment and receipt of shipping destinations. Inquire for rush options.
Duration: Our virtual experiences last approx. 45 min, but can be adjusted to your desired length.

*PLEASE NOTE: Since we source seasonal local products, some ingredients may differ slightly from what's shown in the images and description. Please contact our team to get more details about this kit and the experience.

About this Virtual Experience

"Embark on a voyage of rare and exquisite discovery with our 'Tequila Treasures: An Expert-Led VIP Tasting.' Designed for those with a discerning taste for the finest spirits, this experience offers an exclusive opportunity to savor five 1oz samples of exceptionally hard-to-find Tequilas. Guided by a passionate Tequila expert, this event is the epitome of luxury, making it the perfect choice for entertaining clients, VIPs, and connoisseurs.

Discover the Elixir of Elegance: Our carefully curated selection showcases the pinnacle of Tequila craftsmanship, allowing you to explore the nuances of these rare gems. Please note that due to the rarity of these Tequilas, the exact selection may change to ensure the best available options for an extraordinary tasting experience. Here are some of the remarkable Tequilas you might encounter:

  1. Cincoro Tequila Blanco
  2. Komos Tequila Reposado Rosa
  3. El Tesoro Extra Añejo
  4. Herradura Legend Tequila Añejo (Barril Acanalado)
  5. Adictivo Tequila Double Reposado

Guided by a Tequila Virtuoso: Immerse yourself in the rich narratives, craftsmanship, and tasting notes of these extraordinary Tequilas, expertly navigated by a Tequila virtuoso. Learn about the history, distillation techniques, and unique characteristics that set each Tequila apart in the world of fine spirits.

A Toast to Excellence: The 'Tequila Treasures' tasting is the quintessential choice for celebrating achievements, forging lasting connections, and indulging in the finer things in life. Raise your glasses to moments of opulence and distinction, all in the company of like-minded aficionados.

Why Choose Our Tequila Treasures:

  • Handpicked selection of very hard-to-find Tequilas.
  • A passionate and knowledgeable Tequila expert to guide your experience.
  • An exclusive opportunity to taste and appreciate Tequilas of unparalleled rarity.
  • The perfect choice for hosting esteemed clients, VIPs, and connoisseurs.

Elevate your virtual gatherings to a level of sophistication that only 'Tequila Treasures' can offer. Craft memorable moments, indulge in the world's rarest Tequilas, and create connections that will stand the test of time. Book your tasting today and savor the pinnacle of Tequila excellence."

Upgrade this experience with premium add-ons

Mocktails/Non-alch options
Great alternative for anyone in the group that would like a non-alcoholic alternative.
$85 per kit
Tasty snack items to pair with your kit.
From +$30 per kit
Chocolate Pairing
Premium chocolate bon bons from Napa's Earth & Sky chocolate company
From +$30 per kit
Cheese Pairing
Cheeses from a local creamery to compliment your kits.
From +$55 per kit
Branded Swag
Included your logo on a cocktail shaker, glassware, and other swag
From +$30 per kit
Custom printed inserts
We'll print your marketing materials or collateral
From +$1 per kit

Led by Experts

We have a variety of world-class hosts that we match with you based on your event, your audience, and the occasion. Meet our hosts

  • Private Live-Hosted Events

    All our virtual experiences are fully interactive events that are private to your group. Each is led by an expert host through zoom or your platform of choice.

  • Highly Customizable

    We offer white-glove service so nearly every aspect of our experiences can be adapted for your needs.

  • International Options

    We offer a wide variety of international options to help your events make a global impact.

  • Virtual Experience Kits

    Premium Kits & Ingredients

    Our virtual experiences include premium kits that have been carefully curated to leave a lasting impression with attendees.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a virtual experience cost?

Prices vary, but our virtual experiences generally start at $70/kit and can go upward of $500/kit. This estimated price incorporates the materials, domestic (ground) shipping, and hosting fees. For some experiences there is a host fee which is a flat rate per event. In such scenarios the host fee will be shown on the experience's detail page. Expedited & global shipping options may incur additional fees. For customization requests and add-ons, please get in touch for pricing details.

What is the recommended lead time for a virtual tasting?

We recommend 2 weeks lead time from the day of payment and delivery of shipping information. If you need something quicker we can arrange for expedited shipping or recommend other options that might be available.

How does shipping work?

You will need to provide us with a list of all the shipping addresses. If you would like help with this we can put together a google form and send it to your participants on your behalf.

Where can you ship your virtual experiences to?

We can ship and/or make arrangements for participants in the US, Canada, Europe, and other global regions. Let us know where you your participants are and we can help with some solutions.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and non-drinkers?

Yes! We have a variety of Mocktail and food kits that we can ship out. We can also curate custom packages to accommodate participants with special requests.

What platform do you use to host your virtual tastings?

We use Zoom for all our tastings. If you are at an organization that prefers a different platform you're more than welcome to set up a meeting link that our virtual tasting hosts can jump on.